Who We Are

The staff of WeddingKnot.Us is made up of members of Redgrass Studios Inc., an advertising and marketing firm based in Florida. We have been using our talents to do advertising for a distinguished list of clients for over 20 years.

Redgrass Studios Inc. decided in mid-2015 to put our talents to use for wedding planners, parents of the bride, and couples of all ages. Our goal is to simplify and use updated technology to assist them in delivering the good news. Owner, Alan de Gonzague, whom has raised three daughters and paid for a destination wedding, saw a need for this service. He stated, “It would have been easier and more cost effective to use our service to send the invitations and RSVP information, as well as provide information on the destination of the wedding through a website.” It is Redgrass Studios’ sincere hope for WeddingKnot.Us to provide concierge level service to make the wedding planning process easier, less stressful, and more cost effective for you and your family.

WeddingKnot.Us’ Military tier was the brainchild of Christina Scharnhorst, whose husband is now serving in our Armed Services. This specialty package was developed specifically for couples serving our country who may need more flexibility in their wedding planning. We are proud to help them share their special day with loved ones all over the world – even through unexpected deployments.